Things we like other than Twilight (though still loosely related)

31 01 2010

New Moon, another teen utopia where the pretty boys get dolled up like supermodels, while the girl looks like she just slept on the bus.” –Rolling Stone Magazine

Despite what this blog may lead you to believe, there are things I like besides Twilight and I think you’d like some (or all!) of them too, so I thought I’d share a few of my other obsessions:

1. Jane Austen

Connection: Bella is a huge Austen fan. Also, Stephenie Meyer has said that Twilight is looooosely based on Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen’s books combine lively heroines with dashing heroes, Victorian charm and entertaining witticisms which has made her one of the classic female writers. My personal favorites include the well-known Pride and Prejudice, for the vivacious heroine Elizabeth Bennet and the mysteriously enchanting Mr. Darcy and Northanger Abbey for it’s antics and humor and different but still lovable hero Henry Tilney. All of her novels are amazing, though. You should read them all 🙂

There is also a fabulous BBC miniseries called “Lost in Austen” in which a modern day girl accidentally switched places with Elizabeth Bennet, with hilarity ensuing. You should read Pride and Prejudice first, though, because it plays off of it heavily.

2. The Vampire Diaries

Connection: Vampires (obviously), plus Twilight was mentioned in an episode of the CW show.

I’ll admit, I watched the show first because I was told it was better. The show is really good, though much darker than Twilight, in my opinion. Plus, there are two gooooorgeous main characters.

I’ve also started reading the books, and they’re interesting too. However, you should know that the show and books are VERY VERY VERY different. If you can get past that though, both are worth a look. (Take that with a grain of salt about the books though – I haven’t read them all yet.)

3. Harry Potter

Connection: Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire (and Edward in Twilight, of course), and Jamie Campbell Bower is playing Grindelwald in Deathly Hallows (as well as Caius in New Moon, of course)

Now, I know that for some reason Twilight and Harry Potter are set up as rivals and a lot of the fans take sides, but I really don’t know why. In my opinion they are VERY different series, aside from the fact that they are fantasy novels written for young readers and are immensely popular. That’s where all likeness ends. Harry Potter is a very structured, plot-driven series. There is a determined course of events that the whole series works towards. Twilight, on the other hand, is character-driven and emotion-centered. It focuses heavily on romantic love, which you will not find in Harry Potter. Yes, there are romantic interests in Harry Potter, but they’re not the main focus of the books. And you’re probably not going to want to have Harry’s babies with quite the same passion as we want to have Edward/Jacob’s (depending on your team loyalties). Both series are fabulous in different ways and I highly recommend reading the Harry Potter series.

4. The Host

Connection: Obviously, Stephenie Meyer wrote it 🙂

Stephenie recreates the innovative magic of Twilight by taking a sci-fi concept (in this case aliens) and turning it into a romance. The Host is creative and imaginative and the characters are very nearly as endearing as the ones we’ve come to worship from Twilight. I was afraid I would be waiting for Edward to appear, but Steph gave me a new hero worthyof paying attention to, and I got lost in the story quickly.

The Host focuses on Melanie, who basically lives in a post-apocalyptic world in which aliens have quietly invaded earth and slowly taken over the bodies of the humans. There are a few humans hiding out and holding out, and there are some who are caught who resist the invasion of the alien into their body. Melanie is one of them. The alien with whom she shares her body is named Wanderer, or Wanda, and the two talk to each other within the same mind. Melanie’s feelings slowly start to become Wanda’s, and together they set out to find the man that Melanie loves.

This book is emotionally charged and thought-provoking and I am dying for the next book to come out, though there’s no word on when that will be. (Come on, Steph!)


Let me know if you try these out and what you think of them! I hope you love them just as much as I do, because I believe they’re all amazing!

What do YOU love besides Twilight???


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Videos, Videos and more Videos!

17 11 2009

2 Days!!!!

New Moon quote-of-the-day: “It will be as if I’d never existed.” –Edward, Chapter 2 (and everyone’s heart breaks simultaneously)

UPDATE: More Access Hollywood interviews are available here. (Including Peter Facinelli and his wife acting out New Moon with the New Moon barbies….yeah lol)

Last night was the Hollywood premiere of NEW MOON!!!! Here are some videos from last night:

Rob interview with Access Hollywood:

Access Hollywood with Taylor (which was hilarious, I might add):

The KStew with Access Hollywood:

A REALLY sweet and touching moment with RPattz & a fan:

Rob answering the cookie question & another question about the film:

Jamie Campbell Bower on the red carpet:

(Shoutout to the Twilight Facebook and The Twilight Guy for the vid!)

And, of course, our goddess, the one and only Stephenie Meyer, rockin’ it on the red carpet:

(Again, shoutout to Twilight Facebook & The Twilight Guy!)

(Yesssss, there *needs* to be some Blue October on the soundtracks! Justin Furstenfeld is a god!)

Yesterday was also a day of TV appearances:

TLaut on Leno (EPIC): (Part 2 also features new New Moon footage!)

Dakota Fanning on Ellen: (She gets the bejeezes scared out of her by…what else? A vampire LOL):

Stephenie also posted the answers to some fan questions about New Moon on her site! I HIGHLY recommend you read them! Steph is amazing and hilarious! Plus, she talks Midnight Sun!

You can also watch extra footage from her Oprah interview from Friday here.

I still need to do my Cullen Lovin’ post for Carlisle and Esme! Let me know why you love them!

2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Twilight Effect

13 11 2009

6 days!!!

New Moon Quote-of-the-day: “Here’s to responsibility twice a week, and recklessness every day in between.” –Jake, Chapter 7

If you missed Stephenie Meyer on Oprah today, you can watch it here. On Monday (Nov 16), don’t miss Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show, Taylor Lautner on The Jay Leno Show and Dakota Fanning on Ellen!

Hollywood believes that the masses prefer familiar plots and characters, so that they can get easy entertainment without putting too much effort into it. This theory does have some sense to it – this is the generation of instant gratification. God forbid we read a book when we can get a quick shot of entertainment in the form of a 30 minute TV show or two-hour movie. This same mindset appears to go into the production of the plethora of remakes and book adaptations that fill the silver screen year-round. One is hard pressed to find a movie today that isn’t a remake, sequel or book adaption – or sometimes a combination of all three – and it can be argued that this methodology has gotten out of control. The number of sequels in certain franchises has reached astronomical levels. Sam Raimi has signed on to direct the fourth and fifth installments of the Spiderman franchise. Saw 6 came out in October, Rambo 5 is in the works for 2011, with the possibility of a Rambo 6 to follow at a later date. also speculates that, following the success of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there will certainly be a fifth installment in the franchise. A fourth and fifth Shrek film have also been confirmed. Virtually every successful movie produced today is followed by at least one sequel. Even movies that were really intended to be a holiday one-hit-wonder and weren’t created with a sequel in mind, such as the Christmas event film Alvin and the Chipmunks, have fallen prey to Hollywood’s penchant for recycling. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel hits theatres Christmas 2009.

Furthermore, it seems no film is off-limits, no matter how long it has been since the original was released. According to, the 80’s cult classic Heathers has a sequel in the works, though no release date has been set. For series based on books or comic books that have a set number of installments and thus a finite potential for sequels, Hollywood has resorted to making prequels, such as The Hobbit, which precedes the enormously successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, prequel to the successful X-Men franchise.

The decision to adapt The Hobbit for the silver screen points to another trend: Book adaptations have run rampant. According to, 30 novels a year are adapted for the big screen. In recent years, the number has far exceeded the average. reports that in 2006, 50 books were made into movies, and in 2007 that number rose to 70. Some of the better-known adaptations include the Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and, more recently, the Twilight Saga. These adaptations prove what the movie industry is only just beginning to realize – fantasy novels, an underappreciated genre in written form, make excellent movie fodder. The appeal of book adaptations is understandable – books already have preexisting fan bases that are certain to turn out at theatres to support the movie version of their favorite book. Plus, many action or fantasy novels are geared toward special effects and sequels, which are two key ingredients in the Hollywood formula for success.

However, it is often the case that movie incarnations of popular novels are inferior to the print version, which serves to outrage loyal fans rather than win them over, but incensed fans are not enough to stop the Hollywood’s production machine if they think they can make a buck or two. In what has dubbed the “Twilight Effect,” a slew of similar book-to-film adaptations are on deck for upcoming years, such as James Patterson’s teen-oriented Maximum Ride series, because the Twilight film, based on author Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novel of the same name, has done for the fantasy genre what Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey did for science fiction. The teen hit also proved to Hollywood what, deep down, they’ve known for years: If a movie can draw in a teenage audience, the demographic with the most free time and disposable income, it’s sure to be a smash hit.

However, Hollywood has recently started to dip into genres and books less appealing to the teenage crowd, as well as less well-suited to franchises, action thrillers, and special effects. The film incarnation of Jodi Picoult’s popular novel My Sister’s Keeper premiered last June. While the film featured a blockbuster cast of Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin and Joan Cusack, the story of a young girl battling cancer and her sister’s fight for the control of her own body is not typical summer blockbuster fare. Hollywood has even gone so far as to turn a children’s bedtime story book into a film set for released in October: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. This is not the first time this particular book has been adapted for the big screen; another version was released in 1973. Nor is this a record for remakes. Many films have been remade multiple times, most frequently films who have their origin in classic novels. For example, shows that Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte has been adapted as a movie four times, not counting multiple made-for-TV versions, and is set for yet another remake in 2010. The same is true of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, which is set for an eighth remake in 2011.

Films based on classic books are not the only genre in danger of being remade these days. Hollywood has now turned its eye towards cult classic films, such as Footloose, Fame, Dirty Dancing and even The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which all beg the question: Is nothing sacred? One would be hard-pressed to find a film that doesn’t have roots in a novel or previous film, or sometimes both. It was once said that there is nothing new under the sun, and in today’s Hollywood it rings truer than ever. In fact, the only original cinematic attractions in modern Hollywood are the movies full of gross or ridiculous humor, such as You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, and the movies that mock other films, such as the Scary Movie franchise. However, even these movies draw upon the films they parody.

In short, Hollywood today isn’t producing anything that’s going to last. Hollywood’s Golden Age seems to be over – the age of stars like Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, whose films are still favorites with modern audiences. But this phenomenon isn’t isolated to just the film industry. The modern age also isn’t producing lasting literature comparable to that of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, or revolutionary music like the Beatles, who still have die-hard fans, even though two of the band members are dead. Perhaps Hollywood is not the only problem; perhaps modern audiences are demanding less by repeatedly shelling out 10 bucks to see the same film they’ve seen a hundred times before, packaged under a different title. Nevertheless, Hollywood cannot be completely absolved. Film studios, producers and directors have found a formula that works and don’t want to risk their financial security in these uncertain times by generating radical or revolutionary films that have the potential of shocking or alienating audiences. But it’s been proven a hundred times before – the only way to make progress is to push boundaries and move into new territories that have never been charted before. Audiences will love it or hate it, but hey – at least they tried it.

What do you guys think of the “Twilight Effect”? Is it getting out of hand? I’m really starting to wish they’d leave my favorite series alone! They’re turning all my favorite books into sure-to-be-substandard adaptations. The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld and the A Great and Terrible Beauty series by Libba Bray (both of which I highly recommend) are set to be adapted in 2011 and 2010, respectively. How do you guys feel about this recycling-gone-amok?  Discuss in the comments! Plus, don’t forget to follow on Twitter!

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Trivia Answers

2 11 2009

New Moon Quote of the Day: “I’m dead, right? I did drown. Crap, crap, crap! This is gonna kill Charlie.” —Bella Swan, Chapter 23

Good news! Thanks to a fabulous professor, posting is resuming a day early! Sorry for going MIA on you guys! So here are the TRIVIA ANSWERS! See how you did!

1. In what order did the werewolves discover their abilities? Sam…2nd?

It never says whether it was Paul or Jared that changed 2nd. So it would be Sam, Jared/Paul, Embry, Jake, Quil/Leah/Seth, Collin/Brady…yeah, there’s a lot of ambiguity in the ordering. Especially when the pack starts growing rapidly. (Slightly tricky question :-))

2. By the end of the series, how many wolves had imprinted?

Five – Sam, Jared, Quil, Paul, Jake

3. Who did each wolf imprint on?

Sam = Emily, Jared = Kim, Quil = Claire, Paul = Rachel, Jake = Renesmee 

4. In what order did they imprint?

Sam, Jared, Quil, Paul, Jake

5. What is the first “injury” Edward sees Bella get?

When she hit her head on the concrete when he tackled her out of the way of the van.

6. What is the first blonde joke Jake tells Rose in Breaking Dawn?

“You know how you drown a blonde, Rosalie?” I asked without stopping or turning to look at her. “Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool.” (Chapter 13)

7. What color were Edward’s human eyes?


8. What is Bella’s deceased grandmother’s name?


9. When is Bella’s birthday?

September 13

10. When is Edward’s birthday?

June 20, 1901

11. What is Alice’s real name?

Mary Alice Brandon

12. How many humans has Rosalie killed?

Seven – her fiance, his four friends and the two guards protecting Royce

13. Who first realized Sam Uley was a werewolf?

Old Quil Ateara – Quil’s grandfather, when he shook Sam’s hand and felt how hot it was

14. Where did Stephenie Meyer get the idea for Twilight?

She had a dream about a vampire and a human who were in a meadow talking about how they were falling in love and what a problem that was.

On her site, Stephenie says: “I woke up (on that June 2nd) from a very vivid dream. In my dream, two people were having an intense conversation in a meadow in the woods. One of these people was just your average girl. The other person was fantastically beautiful, sparkly, and a vampire. They were discussing the difficulties inherent in the facts that A) they were falling in love with each other while B) the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her immediately. For what is essentially a transcript of my dream, please see Chapter 13 (“Confessions”) of the book.”


How’d you do? Did you think these were too easy? Email me with your own trivia questions and I’ll include them in the next trivia post!

Combining the results of the poll with the responses on Twitter and Facebook, Alice, Emmett and Jasper have TIED for the first Cullen-Lovin’ post! So it looks like I’ll be doing a 3-for-1 deal 😉 Check back for that later this week, followed by a Rosalie Cullen-Lovin’ post (shoutout to jacndaniel on Twitter who convinced me that Rose has her merits :-)) and then posts for the rest of the Cullens! The Breaking Dawn breakdown will also be up this week (Tomorrow, perhaps?) so keep an eye out!

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Wild Theorizing…that turned out to be not-so-crazy

31 10 2009

First things first, NEW footage of the Papercut scene in “New Moon” has been released!!! Check it out HERE.

Now, for today’s musings…

Half the fun of a series is waiting in anticipation for the next installment and coming up with insane theories about what will happen. The weeks leading up to Breaking Dawn‘s August 2, 2008 release were the longest of my life. To keep ourselves sane, my best friend and I spent countless hours making wild guesses and staying up till midnight every night to see the new Breaking Dawn quote of the day (even on the nights that they were posted 2 hours late. We’re crazy completely normal, we know.) Looking back now, some of our theories are hilarious and some are just plain crazy. In honor of the days of yore, here’s a recap of some of our wild theories leading up to that fateful day, August 2nd.

Our theory that Bella’s human blood-aversion would stay with her after vampirization:

(I was watching a Stephenie Meyer interview when I wrote these)

Oo, she just said something that fits in (or at least I think it does) with the awesome Bella’s-blood-aversion theory. She said just like Jasper was already charismatic as a human, Bella *thinks differently*…special emphasis on those last two words. Not liking blood would DEFINITELY be a different way of thinking once she becomes a vamp. *hopeful look*

Our theory that Steph would abuse the Death Stick like JK Rowling:

and am i the only one that kinda feels like someone’s gonna die in breaking dawn? I mean, it’s REALLY odd for a series like this to go all the way thru without a protagonist dying (and i don’t just mean turning into a vamp) tho I don’t think it will be edward or bella….or jake….I think i remember steph saying ed and bel dont die…and she loves jakes too much *gross*

Our Bella-is-part-vampire theory (that lead to our best theory – vamps and humans can reproduce – win!):

 So, I have another theory…and it’s much more far-fetched than the others, buuuut…what if Bella is part vampire? I mean, she’s REALLY pale and she can smell blood, which, as Edward says, humans can’t do. I mean, 2 vampires can’t reproduce, but what about a human and a vampire? It can’t be an… issue very often cause most vampires don’t have that kind of self-control, but that also feeds into your theory about Edward and Bella reproducing and that being the thing that the treaty didn’t anticipate. lol-it gives whole new meaning to the term “newborn” haha.

I think (based on the many interviews and such that I’ve read) that when Edward said he was a man, he meant emotionally…he still had enough humanity to feel love (and lust). The only thing that changes when you become a vamp is your physicality. Once your body has changed into a vampire body, it doesn’t go …thru any more changes. Your body is basically frozen as-is, which makes it impossible for a female vampire to have a baby. However, idk how the mechanics would work for a male vamp…and his human girlfriend, whose body COULD have a baby…*hmm*

 Oo – and more evidence for the Bella is part vamp theory, tho this isn’t as strong of evidence. But remember in New Moon where Charlie tells Alice that Bella is a constant little thing and it’s not in her nature to heal from something like this (meaning Edward leaving her)…and then in Eclipse, Edward tells …Jake that it’s rare for a vamp to experience a real change – they’re set in their ways, but when something does happen, like when Bella came into his life, it’s permanent and there’s no going back? Sooo maybe that’s another sign. And also, it’s odd that Bella doesn’t relate to humans well at all…but she has no problem being in love with a vamp and a werewolf…so maybe she doesn’t totally belong in the human world…cause she’s part vamp. Yes, this theory is far-fetched, but I’ve kinda thought it from the beginning lol.

hmm she just refused to answer the question “can vampires have children?” fuel for our theory

Our Steph-is-going-to-ruin-our-lives-and-make-Bella-choose-the-dog theory:

*sigh* Stephenine just said in this interview that she married her best friend…translate that into Twilight terms=Jake. I hope she’s not big on writing from personal experience…

but [my friend] pointed out that maybe Jake would imprint on someone besides Bella in BD cause remember Edward said that the imprinting reminded him of the fairies love spells in A Midsummer Night’s Dream…so maybe that’s what Steph meant when she said it was partly based on that.

Ok, everything is going to be ok. Direct Stephenie quote: “How could I split up Edward and Bella?”


guys are pro-jake cause they don’t wanna have to compete with edward’s perfection – duh

Thoughts on imprinting:

 (Yeah, we sure as hell didn’t see that one coming) 

ok so something that just occurred to me about this imprinting business. We know Jake didn’t imprint on Bella. Ok, so how the imprinting thing works is that, even if you’ve seen her before, it doesn’t happen until after you become a werewolf and see her again, right? But is that just if she’s not so…meone you really know. Like Jared and Kim. He saw her but didn’t know her or give her any thought until he imprinted. So is the reason Jake didn’t imprint on Bella because they were already in love when he became a werewolf, so it wasn’t really necessary? Rather than, there’s someone else out there that he’s going to imprint on?


Well, that’s all folks!

Come back tomorrow the post-Breaking Dawn break down!

What were some of your theories leading up to the release of Breaking Dawn? Share in the comments! Also, don’t forget to post your trivia answers before the correct ones are posted later today!

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Vampy Halloween!

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Twilight Trivia Challenge

30 10 2009


My friends and I went through a phase where we would randomly quiz each other with the hardest Twilight questions we could come up with because none of the trivia quizzes out there were hard enough (We were seriously, seriously obsessed. Wait, what am I saying? We ARE seriously, seriously obsessed.)

So here I present you with the fruits of our labor, as well as some questions that I personally deem less difficult, for those who have just discovered the series and haven’t read them a hundred times yet 🙂

1. In what order did the werewolves discover their abilities? Sam…2nd?

2. By the end of the series, how many wolves had imprinted?

3. Who did each wolf imprint on?

4. In what order did they imprint?

5. What is the first “injury” Edward sees Bella get?

6. What is the first blonde joke Jake tells Rose in Breaking Dawn?

7. What color were Edward’s human eyes?

8. What is Bella’s deceased grandmother’s name?

9. When is Bella’s birthday?

10. When is Edward’s birthday?

11. What is Alice’s real name?

12. How many humans has Rosalie killed?

13. Who first realized Sam Uley was a werewolf?

14. Where did Stephenie Meyer get the idea for Twilight?

Good Luck!! Comment with your answers!

Answers will be posted SATURDAY to give everyone time to think them over. No cheating! 😉

I think I am going to make this a regular feature, so if you have an good trivia questions you want to share, shoot me an email (! Also, I’m going to do a series of posts showing some love for the rest of the Cullens that tend to get overshadowed by the amazing Edward. Vote for which Cullen should be my first topic! Comment with the reasons WHY you love them!

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Breaking Dawn (Breaking Headboards)

22 10 2009

SPOILER ALERT – if you haven’t read Breaking Dawn (or Eclipse), don’t read this post (go read the books instead ;-))!


The final epic installment of the Twilight Saga caused a lot of controversy. Some fans loved it, some fans were like “what the hell?!” and some where a little bit of both. I was the latter. I actually saw Renesmee coming because my friend and I spent a month before the book was released debating every possible outcome (especially once the quotes-of-the-day started). However, I did NOT see Jake’s imprinting or the graphically violent birth scene coming. Breaking Dawn was intense (but that might have been because it was 4 am and I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours).  When I first got to part two and realized it was from Jake’s point-of-view I was NOT a happy fanpire. But, as I read, I realized Stephenie is, as I should have already known, a genius. Breaking Dawn changed a LOT of this and definitely took some getting used to, but I definitely love it as much as the rest of the series (Except for Midnight Sun. I love it the most, even if it is only 12 chapters *insert sobs here*).

For one thing, the first 3 times I read Twilight through Eclipse (before Breaking Dawn came out) I hated (HATED) Jacob Black. I hoped he would stay gone after he left in the prologue of Eclipse. He was a meddling little brat that hated the man vampire I loved and caused him unneccessary pain PLUS he damn near broke up Bella and Edward which was UNacceptable. Especially in the (2nd) Eclipse scene where the immature little brat threatened to let himself be killed if Bells didn’t kiss him…I wanted to ring his wolfy little neck. Buuuuut, then came Breaking Dawn. I saw inside Jake’s (notice the name change here…I’ve started calling him by Bella’s nickname for him…I can’t help it. I’m Bella. *cough*I wish*cough*) deliciously snarky head and saw that he was actually a sweet and funny guy who was trying to save the life of the girl he loved. I started to feel for him the way Bella did – still definitively Team Edward, but Jake had weaseled his way into a soft spot in my heart. Then, when I went back and reread the rest of the series (especially New Moon) I discovered that all of the things I hated about him before were kinda endearing and understandable all of a sudden. Steph has MAD skills. I think she did this on purpose. I had watched a lot of interviews where she expressed his displeasure over the Jacob-hate and said that apparently no one but herself understood the way his (hilarious) mind works. So what does she do? Gives us a whole big section full of fabulous Jake-snark. I was upset at first, but by the end, I was hella glad that I did NOT have to read that particular part from Bella’s point-of-view. It was stressful enough from Jake’s pov. Like I said, Steph’s brilliant. My friends each texted me when they got to section 2 going “WHAT?! She’s switching narrators?!?!?!” and each time I assured them that they just needed to have a little faith in our Twi-goddess’s infinite wisdom. And each time, they ended up agreeing with me.

Something else that took some serious getting-used-to in BD was Bella as a wife/mother/vampire. Like many Twilight fans, I am none of those things. I had been able to thoroughly relate to Bella throughout the rest of the series (so clumsy I’m almost disabled? Yep.) but all of a sudden, she was someone I didn’t know. She matured about 20 years in the course of a few hundred pages. It was disorienting to say the least. I couldn’t relate to her new maternal instincts. I still can’t, but I got past the inital confusion and got to know the new Bella and I gotta say, I love her just as much as the old Bella. I still have a really hard time going back and forth between the first three books and Breaking Dawn though. Each time, I have to readjust to Bella’s two different incarnations, because they are definitely distinct. I find Bella’s whole character development over the course of the series as quite striking. Rarely do you get to see that kind of evolution in one character in a short series.

Edward also changed for me in Breaking Dawn. After Renesmee’s birth and Bella’s change, when he had everything he’d ever wanted and no longer had to worry about Bella constantly, he became a lot less mysterious (which, let’s face it, is a huge part of his appeal). When he knew Bella was hiding something from him and didn’t question her about it I was very much like “What? Edward-the-curious would NEVER let something like that go!” It was really strange for me. But I do feel like he got a lot of that (and his stubbornness :-)) back over the course of the Volturi/Apocalypse plotline, thank God Carlisle. Edward’s called “the perfect man(vampire)” a lot, but I don’t think that’s true because that would be sooo boring! He can be stubborn and grumpy, overly curious and frustratingly incomprehensible – and that’s a big part of what I love about him.

What do you guys think about all of this? Did BD change your feelings for Jake? Was Bella’s transition hard for you? How ’bout Edward’s unassailable mellow-ness? I’m really interested to see if I’m alone in these feelings! Be sure to comment and don’t forget to follow the blog on Twitter or find it on Facebook! Spread the word – tell your TwiFriends about this blog!

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