At long, looong last – The Eclipse Trailer!

11 03 2010

What do you guys think? I personally enjoyed the ability to ogle Taylor without feeling like a creeper and checking over my shoulder for Chris Hansen. That boy is lookin’ fiiiine. I don’t know how Bella could turn down his heartfelt plea for her to choose him. I melted into a little fangirl puddle. *dreamy sigh*. The rest seemed a little melodramatic to me, but it wouldn’t be the Twi we all know and love without a little cheesiness 😉 Also, what the HALE were Summit thinking waiting so long to release this thing??? The movie comes out in just a little over THREE MONTHS! You need to up your game, David Slade! You got some big Weitzy shoes to fill!


New Affiliate!

23 02 2010

Hey guys!

The new affiliate blog is called The Bookish Type and it’s all about book reviews! Check out the blog’s first book review of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier here:


My Never


11 02 2010

Hey guys,

I just wanted to do a quick update to point out a new link on the Links page and the sidebar: Twihards4Charity. Here is what the official Twilight twitter had to say:

“Peter Facinelli has a new website that promotes service from the Twilight community called “Twihards4Charity” (!

The site’s main focus is helping Haiti. The site is currently selling a Twilight-themed Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle:

“For Valentine’s Day, Twihards have the unique opportunity to purchase a Twilight-themed Valentine’s Day Bouquet that will benefit Haiti. You won’t find this anywhere else!

There are several options to choose from, all of which include a beautiful set of a dozen roses. For every bundle purchased from this site, five dollars will go directly to Haiti. Whether it’s for your sweetheart, your best friend or a fellow Twihard, this gift is the perfect way to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

You can follow the site on Twitter here.

Please guys, let’s do all we can. Haiti needs us.



Happy Taylor-is-Finally-Legal-in-All-50-States Day!

11 02 2010

Well Taylor, the long-awaited day has arrived. It’s probably seemed longer to many of us than it has to you. I hope you’re hiding in a bunker somewhere, because you and your virtue are in serious danger today, my dear boy. If you thought things were bad BEFORE (with Twilight MOMS asking you to sign their Team Taylor thongs – for anyone who missed this EPIC story, you can watch it here, it starts about 2 minutes in) you’re in for a hell of a ride (that’swhatshesaid) now. You’re really going to have to get over this aversion to being a sex symbol, cause I have news for you boy – you are sexyashell. The only thing that’s prevented your being jumped in the streets up to this point has been Chris Hansen and his threatening lovely TV show “To Catch a Predator.” I’m not even 25 yet and you’ve making me feel like a cougar, kiddo. But no more. I (and the rest of the fandom) can lust after you openly. Maybe TSwift will come crawling back now that she’ll no longer be risking jail time and a mug shot on Dateline NBC. I hope you’re taking some precautions today. Maybe Obama will lend you his Secret Service agents. I think you’ll probably need the protection more than he does. I’m glad you’ve reached this milestone, and just in time for me to see Valentine’s Day and ogle you in your Prom King glory. I can also order that lovely ALA poster than I’ve been hankering after for ages, but haven’t bought because it would have made me feel like a creeper to have an underage boy hanging on my wall. Hell, I might even by myself one of those infamous thongs. Brace yourself, my boy. I suspect this is the only beginning for you.

In honor of your special day, we have some smokin’ hot, sexy as hell, droolworthy, sex eyes, ogle-able photos of you that we can stare at for hours without feeling dirty (at least in a bad way) for the FIRST TIME EVER.

With lots of lust love,

My Never

One of my favorite pics, even though he's clothed.

Sweet Baby Jesus

It must have been cold that day...

...bloody hell

Boy knows how to work a suit



Straight up gangsta, yo

I like.the.leather. Holy hell.

And more leather

I'm sorry, but if this doesn't say "f*ck me?" nothing does. And the answer is yessss.

I wonder if he could bench press me.

Ay Dios Mio

Hot damn.

The best part of the SNL escapade: Those panty-dropping pictures.

Wet T-Shirt Contest World Champion

Yes, Please.

Either he just drank chocolate milk, or that's a 'stache.

Umm…I think I need to go take a cold shower or something. Whew.

Bad news

1 11 2009

UPDATE: Posting will hopefully resume on Tuesday or Wednesday! Thanks for your understanding. In the meantime, here’s a New Moon Quote of the Day now that it’s November and we’re 18 days away!

“I have to step out for a second. Don’t do anything funny while I’m gone.” –Emmett Cullen, Chapter 1

I love Emmett 🙂


Hey guys, I’m afraid this weekend’s posts are going to have to be postponed because of a medical issue. I’m sorry! Thanks for understanding! Posting will resume ASAP. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

It’s a Twilight World and We’re Just Livin’ In It

16 10 2009

Let’s face it – from the dawn of time people have been crazy, and these days everyone is Twilight crazy (whether they’ll admit it or not). Funny things are bound to happen. Many of you have probably heard of sites like FML and TFLN and MLIA, hilarious true stories about ridiculous things that happen to people on a daily basis. Put that together with the Twi-Mania and you get some of these gems:

Today, I went to the restroom. As I got into the stall, I looked at the different fliers people from my school put on the inside of the stalls. One said, “He is watching you. Look up.” I slowly looked u…p. When my eyes reached the ceiling, there was a picture of Robert Pattinson staring back at me. I screamed. MLIA

(609): You know how my eyes change color? Well I noticed after I hook up with someone my eyes are greener.
(1-609): Wow, so you’re like the Edward Cullen of sluts. TFLN

(202): he’s my edward cullen
(770): I am pretty sure Edward Cullen never had an all-day drinking binge topped off with some blow. TFLN

(432): So why didn’t Edward and the Cullens just kill Hitler?
(207): You need to stop watching Twilight. TFLN

(541): There are 3 speedbumps now up. Think you can manage the urge to piss on them?
(253): Aw shit! That’s like putting me a in a room full of Captiain Crunch Donuts and Jasper Hale and not letting me put my mouth on either. TFLN

(310): kill, f***, marry: alice cullen, hermione granger, ginny weasley.
(1-310): damn… f*** alice for sure, I feel bad but i think I have to say marry ginny… and kill hermoine! I can’t believe I’m answering this right now. TFLN

(317): There is now a Twilight themed dildo. What do YOU want for christmas?? TFLN

(440): We are allowed to think Jacob from Twilight is hot in 468 days!
(1-440): I don’t know what is sadder, the fact that you figured that out or the fact that I can’t wait until then!! TFLN


So what do you guys think? Why didn’t the Cullens kill Hitler? Are you putting the Twilight-themed dildo on your Christmas list this year? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Share in the comments!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! There’s also a new Facebook group you can join – I Saw Forever In My Never: A Twilight Fan Blog!

Lots of TwiLove,


PS – We’re actually allowed to think Taylor Lautner is hot in 118 days (that TFLN was old)! 😉

Hello all!

15 10 2009

Welcome to ISawForeverInMyNever! Let me tell you a little bit about the reason for this blog’s creation. I am a huge Twilight fan and, inspired by the fabulous site LettersToTwilight, I have decided to start my own Twlight blog. Plus, my friends and I have fabulous Twilight discussions almost daily and I think it would be fun to see what other Twilighters think!

One thing I should say up front is that I am a huge fan of the BOOKS by Stephenie Meyer. I am a purist and not very happy about the movie version. I have seen it once (I felt obligated as a diehard Twihard) and that was the end of that. I personally believe that the best casting decisions were made for the bad guys (Cam/James, Edi/Laurent, Rachelle/Victoria) in the first movie. I am very sad that they have recast Victoria because Rachelle Lefevre was a phenomenal actress. Bryce Dallas Howard has her work cut out for her. Despite my ghastly experience with the first movie, I’m totally psyched for “New Moon”! (Only a month and 5 days!)  Why, you ask? Have you seen the wolf pack? (Not gonna name any names until February *ahem*). I am Team Edward all the way, but those wolf boys have got it goin’ on.

Speaking of teams…I’m a loyal Team Edwarder and thoroughly hated Jacob Black the first three times I read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse (pre-Breaking Dawn release), but after I got his deliciously snarky point-of-view in the middle section of BD (Best. Chapter. Titles. Ever.) I understood him a lot better and started to see him in a kinder light. I’m not Team Jake, but I do love Jake (huh, I sound like Bella). I am, however, Team Taylor Lautner – he fits my mental image of Jake to a T and I love him in the movies (we’ll pretend that wig doesn’t exist. And that he’s 18.)

So that’s my Twi history. As for the name of the blog, any of you who have listened to Stephenie’s playlists that correspond to each book (you haven’t heard them?! What are you waiting for?! Go listen! Now!) will know that the song “My Never” by the amazzzzing band Blue October is on the BD playlist and was performed by lead singer Justin Furstenfeld on the BD Concert Series Tour. It’s a beautiul song by a terrific band whom I loved long before their connection to Twilight, and thus the ISawForeverInMyNever blog was born!

There’s LOTS more to come, so check back soon! Feel free to comment or email ( with thoughts, questions, suggestions or comments (no haters, please) and don’t forget to follow this blog on Twitter!

Lots of TwiLove,