Since my first post was basically an “About Me,” I’ll just repost the highlights here for future reference.

I am a huge Twilight fan and, inspired by the fabulous site LettersToTwilight, I have decided to start my own Twlight blog. Plus, my friends and I have fabulous Twilight discussions almost daily and I think it would be fun to see what other Twilighters think!

One thing I should say up front is that I am a huge fan of the BOOKS by Stephenie Meyer. I am a purist and not very happy about the movie version. I have seen it once (I felt obligated as a diehard Twihard) and that was the end of that.

I used to be a loyal Team Edwarder and thoroughly hated Jacob Black the first three times I read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse (pre-Breaking Dawn release), but after I got his deliciously snarky point-of-view in the middle section of BD (Best. Chapter. Titles. Ever.) I understood him a lot better and started to see him in a kinder light. And now I’ve completely converted and am proudly Team Jake (for the full story on how this happened, go here.)

As for the name of the blog, any of you who have listened to Stephenie’s playlists that correspond to each book (you haven’t heard them?! What are you waiting for?! Go listen! Now!) will know that the song “My Never” by the amazzzzing band Blue October is on the BD playlist and was performed by lead singer Justin Furstenfeld on the BD Concert Series Tour. It’s a beautiul song by a terrific band whom I loved long before their connection to Twilight, and thus the ISawForeverInMyNever blog was born!

Feel free to comment or email (isawforeverinmynever@yahoo.com) with thoughts, questions, suggestions or comments (no haters, please) and don’t forget to follow this blog on Twitter!


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