At long, looong last – The Eclipse Trailer!

11 03 2010

What do you guys think? I personally enjoyed the ability to ogle Taylor without feeling like a creeper and checking over my shoulder for Chris Hansen. That boy is lookin’ fiiiine. I don’t know how Bella could turn down his heartfelt plea for her to choose him. I melted into a little fangirl puddle. *dreamy sigh*. The rest seemed a little melodramatic to me, but it wouldn’t be the Twi we all know and love without a little cheesiness 😉 Also, what the HALE were Summit thinking waiting so long to release this thing??? The movie comes out in just a little over THREE MONTHS! You need to up your game, David Slade! You got some big Weitzy shoes to fill!




One response

18 03 2010

I liked it…I obviously would like to see more. A lot of movies do this. They just show a little bit and leave you hanging. Like…have you ever heard of this:

Apparently its coming out in theaters in September…

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