Breaking Dawn Breakdown

4 11 2009

16 Days!!!!


New Moon Quote of the Day: “I think she’s having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her.” — Alice Cullen, Chapter 22 (shoutout to jacndaniel!)

As promised, I now bring you the post-Breaking Dawn breakdown. The in-depth discussion of that epic final installment that ensued immediately after our finishing the book and over the course of the next few months. That’s right – we hadn’t slept in over 24 hours and were running on pure adrenaline, coffee and poptarts. So, if we seem crazy, that’s why. (Or, at least, that’s what we’ll blame it on.) At the bottom of this post you’ll also find the new TV spot, Volturi featurette and some Twilight-related humor to brighten your day 🙂

Jake and Nessie (Or, what I like to call “Sure as hell didn’t see that one coming”)

Oo-interesting question: can Jake and Renesmee have kids? and if they can, what exactly would those kids BE? Steph really needs to write some books bout Renesmee. Renesmee is such a great character! And I thought they probably could…but I didn’t know whether the human or the vamp was the dominant side of her in that department. Cause female vamps can’t have kids. But I just don’t see how their offspring could exist as part-wolf part-vamp since they’re such opposites…and mortal enemies. I think loving your enemy is different than containing both creatures in one body…they’d self-destruct. But i think renesmee did actually have wolf tendencies…since she was hotter than the average person…and she certainly didn’t get that from her parents.
“This sure sounds like trouble to me: A generation of guys who will settle for nothing less than a porn star meets a generation of women who expect their boyfriend to crawl through their bedroom window at night and just nuzzle gently until they fall asleep.” – Gail Collins, NYT

Post-Bookem Depression (Let’s face it, we all felt it)

Omg I’m seriously depressed that the story is over, despite Midnight Sun (RIP). I think I’m projecting my feelings onto the poor book, cause sometimes I think I really hate it…but then I realize I think my problem is that it’s the last one lol. Cause other times I love it. But I think it’s just an adjustment – cause everything changes SO drastically. Their relationship and their lives. Idk…it’s just hard to go from their innocent, nothing-matters-but-each-other relationship to their married, we-love-our-kid-just-as-much-if-not-more-than-each-other one. If that makes sense. Things just changed so much. And I’m adverse to change. but I think it’s more that im just upset it’s over than the book. They do still have Edward/Bella mments but those moments are different too. I think that article that said their abstinence was better than all the snogging in Harry Potter because they want something bad but they weren’t going to get it was really right (oh sexual tension, thou art masochistically enjoyable). Because I totally prefer the first 3 in that respect. Which is odd. Though I must say the pillow/headboard/nightgown shredding was funny.

Where I was wondering why you have to tear vampires apart before you burn them (Like Edward needing the Volturi’s/Jake’s help in New Moon/Breaking Dawn)

So I’m watching an interview and she (Steph) totally just confirmed my theory that the reason for tearing vamps apart to burn them is just so they can’t run away. If the vamp was willing to die (aka Edward) then that wouldn’t really be necessary. But it still doesn’t answer my “why doesn’t he just set himself on fire?” question. *sigh* and there better be a better reason than just because if he did that they wouldn’t have had time to save him (in New Moon).
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok. I have my answer. The venom is flammable. But they have to be in pieces for the venom to be where the fire can reach it. That makes sense.
Though since Edward could extract enough venom to inject into Bella’s heart (in Breaking Dawn), why couldn’t he get a cup and douse himself in it, then set himself on fire? Dang it, I was satisfied and now that’s occurred to me and I need another answer…I wonder how he extracted the venom that he had in the syringe…spit? lol I guess it would take a while to spit out enough venom to douse yourself in. Or maybe since their skin isn’t permeable, it would just slide off before he could set himself on fire. There has to be a good explanation, dang it. Or maybe he just wasn’t thinking clearly…after all, he was upset (to put it mildly). I found jake’s assessment of him as “the burning man” more than a little ironic. But in a horribly not funny way. 
But he’s only realllllly wanted to kill himself twice. And only thought about it 3 times. And every time he’s thought about it, he was in a tizzy. The first time running to save Bella from James and fearing he was too late. Then when he thought she was dead, you know he wasn’t thinking straight. And then when he thought the baby was gonna kill her, you know he was more worried about her than his plans for afterward. And that time, I’m sure asking Jake was easier than coming up with something creative himself. Especially since he could hear Jake’s thoughts and knew he was willing. After all, that’s why Jake went there that day in the first place. Though I suppose since he blamed himself for what was happening to Bella (as is Edward’s tendency) he probably wanted the end to be painful…masochist.
I’m sure there is a reason. She (Steph) has a reason for everything. This is why we love her. But yeah, like Alice said, you don’t get many suicidal vampires.

Here we digress into Edward vs Jake (is there a contest, though, really?)

But I think we’re probably definitely giving this too much thought. But I KNOW that whole section I was in tears (Basically the entire second section of Breaking Dawn). And I’m so not a crier. I felt a little ridiculous. But it’s funny, I was more upset for Edward than Bella…funny, but not surprising I suppose, since I’m in love with him. And I got a little pissed with Jake again even though I was on the verge of forgiving him for being so mean to poor Edward. I was like “someone needs to hug the boy!” and someone needs kick Jake in the shin. *sigh* but then I forgave him. Oh she’s (Steph) good…tricky, but good.
Hmm…that didn’t come out right. Let me try again. I got pissed with Jake for being mean to Edward, even though I had been on the verge of forgiving him for the past (read: Eclipse)…there, that makes more sense .
Sometimes I honestly could care less about Bella. But if Edward is hurting, even in a roundabout way, it’s far more upsetting than it should be for a fictional character. And God I hope it’s not worse the second time…I was so upset for the first 2 sections of the book…it was absolutely horrible until Bella became a vamp. I kept bursting into tears. I felt like such a pansy lol.
You know, people keep saying that Steph is misogynistic…but Stephenie has an excellent point. Bella may be physically weaker than Edward and Jake, but she totally has them on leashes (no pun intended lol) I mean, she OWNS them. It’s rather amusing. Well…she owns Jake for a while…until Nessie comes along hehe. (Come back this weekend for a special poston the claims that Twilight is misogynistic!)
Edward would do anything for her cause he’s a god and completely selfless, regardless of how he sees himself. Jake would do ALMOST anything for her. But he takes advantage of the fact that he knows she’ll forgive him if he does something she doesn’t like. Which is why he LOST. Ha. But, for example, he wouldn’t have stayed out of the fight like Edward did in Eclipse. Though, granted, he didn’t have the guilt of leaving (like Edward does after New Moon) affecting his decision.

Even More Thoughts on Imprinting (cause that one will never get old)

And yeah, imprinting on babies is realllllly strange. But if you think about it, technically, Edward is like 90 years older than Bella…soooo….yeah, I think our human perspective affects our take on that whole business a bit.
Yes Edward is fully grown, but which is more important – the physical age or the mental and emotional age? And at least it’s not romantic (for Jake). Though that doesn’t stop Edward (who can see it from Jake’s point of view) and Bella from being PISSED. Can’t blame them really. But Edward is such a good daddy :o) I love it!! (Edward as a dad is sexy, no? Weird.)
They’re (Edward and Bella)only the same age physically though. Age is such a tricky thing in this series. I think we’re biased against the wolves. But, I mean, even Edward kinda doubts the age thing in New Moon because he thinks after 100 years of experience, his love is more powerful than Bella’s, who is after all just an 18 year old human, which is how he convinces himself to leave. He was wrong, of course, but still, the thought was there. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Well, those were our thoughts in the immediate aftermath of Breaking Dawn. What did you think? What’s changed for you when you’ve reread it since then? Do you still have unanswered questions? Discuss in the comments!

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PPPS – Volturi featurette: (Jeeeez they’re scary!)




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4 11 2009

yay! you used my quote! gotta love Alice!

4 11 2009

Sure did! You really do! She’s pretty much pure awesome 🙂

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