Wild Theorizing…that turned out to be not-so-crazy

31 10 2009

First things first, NEW footage of the Papercut scene in “New Moon” has been released!!! Check it out HERE.

Now, for today’s musings…

Half the fun of a series is waiting in anticipation for the next installment and coming up with insane theories about what will happen. The weeks leading up to Breaking Dawn‘s August 2, 2008 release were the longest of my life. To keep ourselves sane, my best friend and I spent countless hours making wild guesses and staying up till midnight every night to see the new Breaking Dawn quote of the day (even on the nights that they were posted 2 hours late. We’re crazy completely normal, we know.) Looking back now, some of our theories are hilarious and some are just plain crazy. In honor of the days of yore, here’s a recap of some of our wild theories leading up to that fateful day, August 2nd.

Our theory that Bella’s human blood-aversion would stay with her after vampirization:

(I was watching a Stephenie Meyer interview when I wrote these)

Oo, she just said something that fits in (or at least I think it does) with the awesome Bella’s-blood-aversion theory. She said just like Jasper was already charismatic as a human, Bella *thinks differently*…special emphasis on those last two words. Not liking blood would DEFINITELY be a different way of thinking once she becomes a vamp. *hopeful look*

Our theory that Steph would abuse the Death Stick like JK Rowling:

and am i the only one that kinda feels like someone’s gonna die in breaking dawn? I mean, it’s REALLY odd for a series like this to go all the way thru without a protagonist dying (and i don’t just mean turning into a vamp) tho I don’t think it will be edward or bella….or jake….I think i remember steph saying ed and bel dont die…and she loves jakes too much *gross*

Our Bella-is-part-vampire theory (that lead to our best theory – vamps and humans can reproduce – win!):

 So, I have another theory…and it’s much more far-fetched than the others, buuuut…what if Bella is part vampire? I mean, she’s REALLY pale and she can smell blood, which, as Edward says, humans can’t do. I mean, 2 vampires can’t reproduce, but what about a human and a vampire? It can’t be an… issue very often cause most vampires don’t have that kind of self-control, but that also feeds into your theory about Edward and Bella reproducing and that being the thing that the treaty didn’t anticipate. lol-it gives whole new meaning to the term “newborn” haha.

I think (based on the many interviews and such that I’ve read) that when Edward said he was a man, he meant emotionally…he still had enough humanity to feel love (and lust). The only thing that changes when you become a vamp is your physicality. Once your body has changed into a vampire body, it doesn’t go …thru any more changes. Your body is basically frozen as-is, which makes it impossible for a female vampire to have a baby. However, idk how the mechanics would work for a male vamp…and his human girlfriend, whose body COULD have a baby…*hmm*

 Oo – and more evidence for the Bella is part vamp theory, tho this isn’t as strong of evidence. But remember in New Moon where Charlie tells Alice that Bella is a constant little thing and it’s not in her nature to heal from something like this (meaning Edward leaving her)…and then in Eclipse, Edward tells …Jake that it’s rare for a vamp to experience a real change – they’re set in their ways, but when something does happen, like when Bella came into his life, it’s permanent and there’s no going back? Sooo maybe that’s another sign. And also, it’s odd that Bella doesn’t relate to humans well at all…but she has no problem being in love with a vamp and a werewolf…so maybe she doesn’t totally belong in the human world…cause she’s part vamp. Yes, this theory is far-fetched, but I’ve kinda thought it from the beginning lol.

hmm she just refused to answer the question “can vampires have children?” fuel for our theory

Our Steph-is-going-to-ruin-our-lives-and-make-Bella-choose-the-dog theory:

*sigh* Stephenine just said in this interview that she married her best friend…translate that into Twilight terms=Jake. I hope she’s not big on writing from personal experience…

but [my friend] pointed out that maybe Jake would imprint on someone besides Bella in BD cause remember Edward said that the imprinting reminded him of the fairies love spells in A Midsummer Night’s Dream…so maybe that’s what Steph meant when she said it was partly based on that.

Ok, everything is going to be ok. Direct Stephenie quote: “How could I split up Edward and Bella?”


guys are pro-jake cause they don’t wanna have to compete with edward’s perfection – duh

Thoughts on imprinting:

 (Yeah, we sure as hell didn’t see that one coming) 

ok so something that just occurred to me about this imprinting business. We know Jake didn’t imprint on Bella. Ok, so how the imprinting thing works is that, even if you’ve seen her before, it doesn’t happen until after you become a werewolf and see her again, right? But is that just if she’s not so…meone you really know. Like Jared and Kim. He saw her but didn’t know her or give her any thought until he imprinted. So is the reason Jake didn’t imprint on Bella because they were already in love when he became a werewolf, so it wasn’t really necessary? Rather than, there’s someone else out there that he’s going to imprint on?


Well, that’s all folks!

Come back tomorrow the post-Breaking Dawn break down!

What were some of your theories leading up to the release of Breaking Dawn? Share in the comments! Also, don’t forget to post your trivia answers before the correct ones are posted later today!

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