Twilight Trivia Challenge

30 10 2009


My friends and I went through a phase where we would randomly quiz each other with the hardest Twilight questions we could come up with because none of the trivia quizzes out there were hard enough (We were seriously, seriously obsessed. Wait, what am I saying? We ARE seriously, seriously obsessed.)

So here I present you with the fruits of our labor, as well as some questions that I personally deem less difficult, for those who have just discovered the series and haven’t read them a hundred times yet 🙂

1. In what order did the werewolves discover their abilities? Sam…2nd?

2. By the end of the series, how many wolves had imprinted?

3. Who did each wolf imprint on?

4. In what order did they imprint?

5. What is the first “injury” Edward sees Bella get?

6. What is the first blonde joke Jake tells Rose in Breaking Dawn?

7. What color were Edward’s human eyes?

8. What is Bella’s deceased grandmother’s name?

9. When is Bella’s birthday?

10. When is Edward’s birthday?

11. What is Alice’s real name?

12. How many humans has Rosalie killed?

13. Who first realized Sam Uley was a werewolf?

14. Where did Stephenie Meyer get the idea for Twilight?

Good Luck!! Comment with your answers!

Answers will be posted SATURDAY to give everyone time to think them over. No cheating! 😉

I think I am going to make this a regular feature, so if you have an good trivia questions you want to share, shoot me an email (! Also, I’m going to do a series of posts showing some love for the rest of the Cullens that tend to get overshadowed by the amazing Edward. Vote for which Cullen should be my first topic! Comment with the reasons WHY you love them!

Also, the special post I mentioned via Twitter should be up by the early next week, so keep an eye out! And don’t forget to follow on Twitter and friend on Facebook (Isawforever Inmynever)!

Also, if any bloggers are interested in affiliating, that would be great! Just shoot me an email!

Thanks for reading and, as always, lots of TwiLove,

My Never

PS – If you haven’t seen it, check out the Twilight Volvo Commercial! It’s posted in the Facebook group for this blog: I Saw Forever In My Never: A Twilight Fan Blog. (Sorry there’s no link – it’s been taken off Youtube and I don’t know how to link to the Facebook group.)




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