Team TayTay?

27 10 2009

So, while the post I mentioned via Twitter isn’t quite ready yet, I thought I’d catch you guys up on some news that’s taking the TwiWorld by storm – Taylor Lautner + Taylor Swift = <3??? No confirmation, but they sure to seem to be spending a lot of time together these days. And TLaut is definitely groupie-ing it up, following TSwift around on tour.

Red Flag Number 1:

I love how the guys sitting next to Taylor #1 (TLaut) keep looking at him every 5 minutes like they’re fangirls and T#1 just keeps his eyes on Taylor #2 (TSwift) like there aren’t a million fans and a camera staring at him. Plus, the screeeeeeams when T#2 hugs T#1 are pretty epic. I think T#1 might have blushed a little bit 😉

Red Flag Number 2:

Hockey Game

Here we have Tays #1 & 2 at a hockey game on Sunday. Look, they’re even color coordinated! 🙂 The look on Tay#1’s face is pretty priceless.

Red Flag Number 3:



Here we have Ts#1&2 heading into a hotel before the game. Yes, that sounds dirty, but Iwould like to think their POSSIBLE romance is still in its early, innocent stages. Call me old-fashioned.

Then, of course, there are the pictures from the set of the movie “Valentine’s Day” of the two Tays sharing a smooch.

Valentine's Day

But, keep in mind this is JUST a movie. On the other hand, this is how a lot of celeb romances get started. And they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. You can see more pics from the set here.

And then there are the quotes:

According to RadarOnline, “the Twilight star admitt[ed] he had a crush on the teen queen while she revealed that kissing him on “Valentine’s Day” was ‘life changing’.”

And, in a recent interview, TSwift remarked, in reponse to a question about her “Twilight” team loyalties, “Well, see, I don’t know Rob Pattinson, so I would just by default, I’d be on Team Tay – I love him. He’s so cute!”

 She also talks about TLaut a little bit in this interview.

So what do you guys think? Are our favorite werewolf and teenage songbird a couple? I for one am torn – I’d hate to think TLaut is off the market (though it might keep me from going to jail…) but they really would make an ADORABLE couple. They’re both total sweethearts. Though I do fear that TLaut will become fodder for one of TSwift’s trademark maneater break-up songs should their romance go awry. Chime in with your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to follow on Twitter!


My Never

PS – “Valentine’s Day” is set to hit theatres February 12, 2010. Also, you can go here for a video of poor TayTay wiping out on-set.





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