24 10 2009

Let’s face it. Some of the trailers can be pretty silly. One that stands out in my mind is the very first one released – where Jazz comes leaping across the room in slooooow moooootion and Edward leaps sloooooowly in front of Bella and…well, you get the idea. Ever since then, parodies of the trailers (and movies) have been cropping up all over the interet, and some of them are pretty damn funny, even to a diehard Twihard like me. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are some of the better parodies out there. Enjoy! (27 DAYS TILL NEW MOON!!!!)

Jimmy Kimmel Live (Wait for it, wait for it…)

Possibly my favorite of them all…

The Jacob parts of this one are the greatest lol!

Here’s one with some ridiculously appropriate music-overs:

Twilight and High School Musical have a lovechild:

Twilight the Puppet Saga

I include this one solely because it includes the phrase “man meats”…

Hope you got as much amusement out of those as I did! Be sure to comment with your thoughts and don’t forget to follow on Twitter!






2 responses

29 10 2009
dude, i fursploded

Came back to see how your blog is going! I commented on your first post as “holly.” Had to change my name to go undercover. You’re doing a great job! Keep it up. I enjoyed all the funny vids!

29 10 2009

I love your new name! lol! Thanks for coming back!! I’m glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

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