21 10 2009

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Life’s been crazy this week. This post is gonna be a little short, but I promise to make it up to you later this week! First things first – have you seen the new “New Moon” footage from iTunes? If not check it out! And be sure to download your free copy from iTunes! It’s got some awesome wolfy action!

So today I thought I’d share some of my favorite Twilight Saga quotes. Be sure to comment with some of your favorites!

“No, I don’t care if you bite Jacob. That’s fine.” –Edward, Breaking Dawn

Jacob’s Chapter Titles in Breaking Dawn (cause you know they were the best):

“Waiting for the damn fight to start already.”

“Sure as hell didn’t see that one coming.”

“Why didn’t I just walk away? Oh right, because I’m an idiot.”

“Some people just don’t grasp the concept of ‘unwelcome’.”

“You know things are bad when you feel guilty for being rude to vampires.”

“Instead of being the A/V dweeb about to ask the head cheerleader to the prom, I was the finished-second-place werewolf about to ask the vampire’s wife to shack up and procreate. Nice.” –Jake, Breaking Dawn

“Did you know that ‘I told you so’ has a brother, Jacob? His name is ‘Shut the hell up’.” –Bella, Breaking Dawn

“Bout time somebody scored around here.” –Emmett, Breaking Dawn

Bella: “Why am I covered in feathers?”
Edward: “I bit a pillow. Or two.” (Breaking Dawn. Most epic quote ever.)

“You may not notice me tearing the furniture apart, but it would probably scare them.” –Edward, Breaking Dawn

“Very human, Emmett. Why don’t you punch through the wall while you’re at it?” –Rosalie
“It would look more impressive if you did it, baby.” –Emmett (Midnight Sun)

“Oh, for the love of all that was holy, would the catastrophes never end?” –Edward, Midnight Sun

“How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?” -Alice, New Moon

“The English room could have gone up in flames and I wouldn’t have noticed”. — Edward, Midnight Sun


Again, sorry it’s so short, but life happens. I’ll do better later this week! Thanks for reading you guys!

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Lots of TwiLove,


PS – “New Moon” comes out in exactly 1 MONTH!!!!




2 responses

21 10 2009

One of my faves is Alice in BD-
Bella is all about the extreme sports these days.

21 10 2009

Oh that is a good one! Also where she says “In summary, she did jump off a cliff, but she wasn’t trying to kill herself.” lol Alice is great.

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