Reasons to Love Taylor Lautner (in a completely legal way)

17 10 2009

While we can’t fully “appreciate” Taylor Lautner for 117 more days, we CAN appreciate that he’s awesome and awesomely hilarious. So without further ado, I bring you TLaut video hour:

Reason number 1 to love TLaut: He can channel the Incredible Hulk.

I’m not gonna lie. I waver on the Team Jake side a little bit every time I watch that video (not that I’ve watched it that many times… *ahem*).

Reason number 2: If you haven’t seen any of the interviews with Edi, Rachelle and Taylor together you are MISSING OUT! They’re like the Three Stooges. H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. Case in point:

I personally prefer Edi and Taylor’s version to the original, don’t you? And apparenty this happens pretty often (sometimes with dancing):

Plus, they all recognize that his virtue is in danger (what would Edward say?!):

Oh naive little Taylor, don’t give them any ideas. “I’m just waiting for the day when some girl goes ‘can you sign my underwear?'” 

Reason number 4: He’s a method actor secure in his masculinity.

Interviewer: “If you had to choose – vampires or unicorns?”
TLaut: “Ohhhh that’s a toughie. Hmmm…I think I’d have to go with unicorns. I hate *hate* vampires.” (OMG! It’s the real Jacob Black! ;-))

Reason number 5: Not only is he a werewolf, he’s a friggin’ ninja! (might want to turn your volume down…lots of screaming fangirls)

And then he walks back to the podium lik nothing happened.

Finally, did I mention he’s secure in his masculinity? Really, there are no words to prepare you for this one, so just dive in:

Oh Taylor, say it ain’t so! You’re gonna have a lot of devastated fangirls on your hands, myself included. As for the ass-slapping, we won’t even go there. *says to self* 17, 17, 17…

But at the end of the day, he’s just your typical teenage werewolf boy.

Taylor: “I set up a meeting with some real Quileute tribal members in Portland and I got to meet and talk with them. To my surprise, I learned that they are just like me. What they love is sports and girls.”

Team Taylor, FTW!

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Lots of LautLove,





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