New Eclipse stills!

30 03 2010

Dearest Twihards,

We have some new Eclipse stills!

Photo: Kimberly French (c) Summit Ent. 2010

So let’s talk about what’s going on in the picture above. First of all, as many have noted – Jasper’s hair (at least, I THINK that’s Jasper…it’s so hard to tell with him looking all girly like that) has managed to get WORSE. Who even knew that was possible??? I’m afraid to see what it looks like by the time we get to Breaking Dawn. I KNOW the real Alice wouldn’t let him get away with a ‘do like that…

On another note, what scene do you think this is? The fight with the newborns? Is that why they’re all color-coordinated? Like team jerseys? If so, do the wolves have blue doggie jerseys? Aww 🙂 Or maybe this is just David Slade paying homage to Cathy’s (over)usage of the color blue (on EVERYthing) in the first film. Who knows? I’m not going to ask him. Dude’s scary.

Photo: Kimberly French (c) Summit

Nooooow we’re talkin’ 🙂 We all know what scene this is – the Legends of the Bonfire (lolz jk). Look at Taycob gettin’ all serious about his wolfy heritage. Boy looks hotttt. Kristen, on the other hand…what is UP with the hair in this movie?! Check out that wacko hairline. Poor Kristen, we know it’s not your fault. Other than that though, you look beautiful babe. I’d kill for skin that clear. She looks a little revolted though…you think Paul just swallowed a cow whole? (And live? Ew.)

What I don’t know is how the girl is resisting grabbing onto that musclebound hunk of man-arm RIGHT BESIDE her shoulder. Willpower.

Photo: Kimberly French (c) Summit

AHA FINALLY – GREAT HAIR! Seriously, everyone in this scene has it going ON upstairs. Kristen has no wacky hairlines, Rob’s little perfectly coiffed curl sticking out front (no that’s not a euphemism) and Taylor…well, now that they stopped using that godawful wig, he’s pretty much good to go. Question though – is Kristen really THAT much smaller than BOTH of them? Or do they have TayTay standing on a box? ‘Cause the KStew looks friggin’ TINY in this pic! So, now, what scene is this? Edward looks a little pissed…Kristen looks wide-eyed (what a shock) and Taycob looks…like the sun’s in his eyes lol (Or maybe he got blinded by Edward’s sparkles ;-)). Looks like they’re outside of Bella’s house. I want to say that it’s the “Sounds about right, pup” scene, BUT Bella isn’t clutching her hand from werewolf-punching (really, why would you punch something that fine? Why? You can kiss me any time, honey. …though I will admit that seeing Kristen punch Taylor is going to be EPIC.) I’m drawing a blank. Help me out guys – what scene do you think this is?

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At long, looong last – The Eclipse Trailer!

11 03 2010

What do you guys think? I personally enjoyed the ability to ogle Taylor without feeling like a creeper and checking over my shoulder for Chris Hansen. That boy is lookin’ fiiiine. I don’t know how Bella could turn down his heartfelt plea for her to choose him. I melted into a little fangirl puddle. *dreamy sigh*. The rest seemed a little melodramatic to me, but it wouldn’t be the Twi we all know and love without a little cheesiness 😉 Also, what the HALE were Summit thinking waiting so long to release this thing??? The movie comes out in just a little over THREE MONTHS! You need to up your game, David Slade! You got some big Weitzy shoes to fill!

New Affiliate!

23 02 2010

Hey guys!

The new affiliate blog is called The Bookish Type and it’s all about book reviews! Check out the blog’s first book review of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier here:


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Cullen Lovin’ Part 5: Carlisle and Esme

21 02 2010

At long, long last…I didn’t have time to look up all the quotes I wanted, but I know you guys know the books well enough to know what I’m talking about 🙂

1. Carlisle is the role model that kept Edward from killing Bella in the beginning.

“For one short second, I was able to think clearly. In that precious second, I saw two faces in my head, side by side.

One was mind, or rather had been: the red-eyed monster that had killed so many people that I’d stop counting their numbers. Rationalized, justified murders. A killer of killers, a killer of other, less powerful monsters. It wa s a god complex, I acknowledged that – deciding who deserved a death sentence. It was a compromise with myeslf. I had fed on human blood, but only by the loosest definion. My victims were, in their various dark pastimes, barely more human than I was.

The other face was Carlisle’s.

There was no resemblance between the two faces. They were bright day and blackest night…

In a few moments, there would be nothing left in me that would reflect the years I’d spent with my creator, my mentor, my father in all the ways that counted. My eyes would glow red as a devil’s; all likeness would be lost forever.

In my head, Carlisle’s kind eyes did not judge me. I knew that he would fogive me this horrible act that I would do. Because he loved me. Because he thought I was better than I was. And he would still love me, even as I now proved him wrong…

I would prove my father wrong about me. The misery of this fact hurt almost as much as the fire in my throat.” –Edward, Midnight Sun, Ch. 1 (I think)

2. Carlisle gives Esme Isle Esme, which she in turn loans Edward & Bella for their honeymoon.

And we all know what happened there 😉

“Who gives an island as a gift? I frowned. I hadn’t realized Edward’s extreme generosity was a learned behavior.” — Bella, Breaking Dawn, Ch. 5

3. Esma is their “vampire mother hen,” as Jake calls her.

“I snorted. Vampire mother hen – bizarre.” –Jake, Breaking Dawn, Ch. 14

4. Carlisle is the epitome of all that is good. Even the wolves have to admit it.

“If there was such a thing as a safe vampire, it was the strangely gentle leader.” –Jake, Breaking Dawn, Ch. 9

5. Esme loves her adopted children unconditionally.

“She would be for any plan that kept her family intact. Her first priority would not be rightness, but me.” –Edward, about Esme, in Midnight Sun

6. And she keeps them honest when they’re playing ball.

7. Carlisle wouldn’t act to save himself in Breaking Dawn because he wouldn’t want to hurt the wolves.

“Carlisle Cullen. Looking at him without that hate clouding my eyes, I couldn’t deny that killing him was murder. He was good. Good as any human we protected. Maybe better. The others, too, I supposed, but I didn’t feel as strongly about them. I didn’t know them as well. It was Carlisle who would hate fighting back, even to save his own life. That’s why we would be able to kill him – because he wouldn’t want us, his enemies, to die. This was wrong. And it wasn’t just because killing Bella felt like suicide.” –Jake, Breaking Dawn, Ch. 10

8. Carlisle keeps the peace between Rose & Edward – no mean feat at times.

“But I was no longer worried about Rose. I could see that she would go along with Carlisle’s decision, no matter how infuriated she was with me.” –Edward, Midnight Sun, Ch. 4 (I think)

9. Carlisle saved Edward, rather than letting him die of the Spanish Influenza.

And we all owe him BIG for that one.

10. Carlisle didn’t give into “peer pressure” to eat humans when he was living with the Volturi.

11. Carlisle offered Bree the chance to surrender in Eclipse.

As Edward says, only Carlisle would think to offer.

12. Carlisle must have done something right to be able to call in all those favors for witnesses in Breaking Dawn.

13. “If Carlisle was the soul of our family, then Esme was the heart. He gave us a leader who deserved following; she made that following into an act of love.” –Edward, Midnight Sun

I hope you enjoyed! Comment and tell what you love about the heads of the Cullen family 🙂

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11 02 2010

Hey guys,

I just wanted to do a quick update to point out a new link on the Links page and the sidebar: Twihards4Charity. Here is what the official Twilight twitter had to say:

“Peter Facinelli has a new website that promotes service from the Twilight community called “Twihards4Charity” (!

The site’s main focus is helping Haiti. The site is currently selling a Twilight-themed Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle:

“For Valentine’s Day, Twihards have the unique opportunity to purchase a Twilight-themed Valentine’s Day Bouquet that will benefit Haiti. You won’t find this anywhere else!

There are several options to choose from, all of which include a beautiful set of a dozen roses. For every bundle purchased from this site, five dollars will go directly to Haiti. Whether it’s for your sweetheart, your best friend or a fellow Twihard, this gift is the perfect way to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

You can follow the site on Twitter here.

Please guys, let’s do all we can. Haiti needs us.



Happy Taylor-is-Finally-Legal-in-All-50-States Day!

11 02 2010

Well Taylor, the long-awaited day has arrived. It’s probably seemed longer to many of us than it has to you. I hope you’re hiding in a bunker somewhere, because you and your virtue are in serious danger today, my dear boy. If you thought things were bad BEFORE (with Twilight MOMS asking you to sign their Team Taylor thongs – for anyone who missed this EPIC story, you can watch it here, it starts about 2 minutes in) you’re in for a hell of a ride (that’swhatshesaid) now. You’re really going to have to get over this aversion to being a sex symbol, cause I have news for you boy – you are sexyashell. The only thing that’s prevented your being jumped in the streets up to this point has been Chris Hansen and his threatening lovely TV show “To Catch a Predator.” I’m not even 25 yet and you’ve making me feel like a cougar, kiddo. But no more. I (and the rest of the fandom) can lust after you openly. Maybe TSwift will come crawling back now that she’ll no longer be risking jail time and a mug shot on Dateline NBC. I hope you’re taking some precautions today. Maybe Obama will lend you his Secret Service agents. I think you’ll probably need the protection more than he does. I’m glad you’ve reached this milestone, and just in time for me to see Valentine’s Day and ogle you in your Prom King glory. I can also order that lovely ALA poster than I’ve been hankering after for ages, but haven’t bought because it would have made me feel like a creeper to have an underage boy hanging on my wall. Hell, I might even by myself one of those infamous thongs. Brace yourself, my boy. I suspect this is the only beginning for you.

In honor of your special day, we have some smokin’ hot, sexy as hell, droolworthy, sex eyes, ogle-able photos of you that we can stare at for hours without feeling dirty (at least in a bad way) for the FIRST TIME EVER.

With lots of lust love,

My Never

One of my favorite pics, even though he's clothed.

Sweet Baby Jesus

It must have been cold that day...

...bloody hell

Boy knows how to work a suit



Straight up gangsta, yo

I like.the.leather. Holy hell.

And more leather

I'm sorry, but if this doesn't say "f*ck me?" nothing does. And the answer is yessss.

I wonder if he could bench press me.

Ay Dios Mio

Hot damn.

The best part of the SNL escapade: Those panty-dropping pictures.

Wet T-Shirt Contest World Champion

Yes, Please.

Either he just drank chocolate milk, or that's a 'stache.

Umm…I think I need to go take a cold shower or something. Whew.

Things we like other than Twilight (though still loosely related)

31 01 2010

New Moon, another teen utopia where the pretty boys get dolled up like supermodels, while the girl looks like she just slept on the bus.” –Rolling Stone Magazine

Despite what this blog may lead you to believe, there are things I like besides Twilight and I think you’d like some (or all!) of them too, so I thought I’d share a few of my other obsessions:

1. Jane Austen

Connection: Bella is a huge Austen fan. Also, Stephenie Meyer has said that Twilight is looooosely based on Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen’s books combine lively heroines with dashing heroes, Victorian charm and entertaining witticisms which has made her one of the classic female writers. My personal favorites include the well-known Pride and Prejudice, for the vivacious heroine Elizabeth Bennet and the mysteriously enchanting Mr. Darcy and Northanger Abbey for it’s antics and humor and different but still lovable hero Henry Tilney. All of her novels are amazing, though. You should read them all 🙂

There is also a fabulous BBC miniseries called “Lost in Austen” in which a modern day girl accidentally switched places with Elizabeth Bennet, with hilarity ensuing. You should read Pride and Prejudice first, though, because it plays off of it heavily.

2. The Vampire Diaries

Connection: Vampires (obviously), plus Twilight was mentioned in an episode of the CW show.

I’ll admit, I watched the show first because I was told it was better. The show is really good, though much darker than Twilight, in my opinion. Plus, there are two gooooorgeous main characters.

I’ve also started reading the books, and they’re interesting too. However, you should know that the show and books are VERY VERY VERY different. If you can get past that though, both are worth a look. (Take that with a grain of salt about the books though – I haven’t read them all yet.)

3. Harry Potter

Connection: Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire (and Edward in Twilight, of course), and Jamie Campbell Bower is playing Grindelwald in Deathly Hallows (as well as Caius in New Moon, of course)

Now, I know that for some reason Twilight and Harry Potter are set up as rivals and a lot of the fans take sides, but I really don’t know why. In my opinion they are VERY different series, aside from the fact that they are fantasy novels written for young readers and are immensely popular. That’s where all likeness ends. Harry Potter is a very structured, plot-driven series. There is a determined course of events that the whole series works towards. Twilight, on the other hand, is character-driven and emotion-centered. It focuses heavily on romantic love, which you will not find in Harry Potter. Yes, there are romantic interests in Harry Potter, but they’re not the main focus of the books. And you’re probably not going to want to have Harry’s babies with quite the same passion as we want to have Edward/Jacob’s (depending on your team loyalties). Both series are fabulous in different ways and I highly recommend reading the Harry Potter series.

4. The Host

Connection: Obviously, Stephenie Meyer wrote it 🙂

Stephenie recreates the innovative magic of Twilight by taking a sci-fi concept (in this case aliens) and turning it into a romance. The Host is creative and imaginative and the characters are very nearly as endearing as the ones we’ve come to worship from Twilight. I was afraid I would be waiting for Edward to appear, but Steph gave me a new hero worthyof paying attention to, and I got lost in the story quickly.

The Host focuses on Melanie, who basically lives in a post-apocalyptic world in which aliens have quietly invaded earth and slowly taken over the bodies of the humans. There are a few humans hiding out and holding out, and there are some who are caught who resist the invasion of the alien into their body. Melanie is one of them. The alien with whom she shares her body is named Wanderer, or Wanda, and the two talk to each other within the same mind. Melanie’s feelings slowly start to become Wanda’s, and together they set out to find the man that Melanie loves.

This book is emotionally charged and thought-provoking and I am dying for the next book to come out, though there’s no word on when that will be. (Come on, Steph!)


Let me know if you try these out and what you think of them! I hope you love them just as much as I do, because I believe they’re all amazing!

What do YOU love besides Twilight???


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